Los Angeles – week 9

This week has been dominated by the flu, which is sweeping across the US with three states already declaring epidemics. Colorado has already has as many flu cases as the last two winters combined and at least six people have died in the state.

I came down with flu last Sunday whilst out and about in downtown LA leaving me having to take Monday & Tuesday off work and remaining in the apartment for pretty much the rest of the week.

Last Sunday I went ‘downtown’, primarily to see the recently opened Walt Disney Concert Hall (designed by Frank Gehry) and take some photographs, but I also stumbled upon a photo shoot for a marching band that were appearing at a parade in Hollywood. (Photos of both are here.) I then travelled onto Beverly Hills for the ‘Illumination of City Hall’ created by renowned French artist Lucette de Rugy. You can see photos of all this here. Also at the City Hall was an outdoor concert provided by jazz musician & singer Freddie Ravel, who’s autograph I got later in the evening. You can see photos of Freddie here.

Whilst I was out on Sunday Andrew was playing golf at the world famous Torrey Pines Golf Course, home to the Buick Invitational and also site of the 2008 US Open. Click here for some views of Torrey Pines.

That’s it for this week. On Wednesday I’m off for a few days holiday in Las Vegas so check back next week for scenes from ‘Sin City’.