Los Angeles – week 7

Well, putting work to one side for a moment, here’s what’s been happening in California this week:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger was inaugurated on Monday as Governor of California, and he fulfilled his first promise by repealing car tax!
  • Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch was searched on Tuesday.
  • On Wednesday an arrest warrant was issued for Michael Jackson’s arrest. We then had the chance to watch (via the local news chopper) as his motorcade drove around Las Vegas for two hours before PC plod pulled them over for causing a traffic nuisance! He settled for a night at the Green Valley Ranch Casino rather than a night in a jail cell.
  • Also on Wednesday temperatures hit 83 degrees, although by the weekend it had cooled to around 70. Sorry about the cold and rain back home!
  • Wednesday night saw the broadcast of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Guys, get your requests in now as I taped it and I’ll be bringing it back home with me at Xmas!
  • Thursday saw an ‘all new’ E.R. where one of the major cast members was killed off. Tori has been fully briefed if you need more details or check out their web-site. Parminder Nagra of ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ fame is currently starring the series.
  • On Friday night Andrew and I went to see Rita Coolidge in concert at the Founders Hall, just across the road from our apartment. The hall is an intimate jazz/cabaret setting, and she performed a 90-minute set featuring most of her hits although surprisingly not ‘All Time High’ which was the theme tune for the James Bond movie Octopussy. The most interesting song of the night was ‘Amazing Grace’ sung in Cherokee.

We’re in the run-up to Thanksgiving Day next Thursday with the shops busy, Xmas decorations everywhere, Xmas ads on TV, etc. but we have a major crisis on our hands. The staff restaurant is closed all this week so it looks like we’ll have to take a packed-lunch every day. I’m sure we won’t starve though! Oh yes, forgot – I bought 6 do-nuts today……………..mmmmmmmmmmm.

On the photos page this week you’ll find photographs of aeroplanes, Sierra Lakes Golf Club and the Christmas tree at Brea Mall.