Los Angeles – week 15

Hello everyone, the two weeks since my previous update have continued to be very busy at work, as the implementation of the changes being made goes full-speed ahead and the prospect of my time in LA finishing at the end of March begins to draw near.

Andrew has returned back to the UK so last Saturday I moved into a one-bedroom apartment, although still in the same complex. I have a view of the hills & mountains from my 4th-floor balcony which is great on a fine day – which is quite often! And I can see the planes coming in to land at John Wayne Airport – heaven 🙂

Last Thursday was a bad night as I’d just climbed into bed at 23:30 when the fire alarm for the apartment block went off. After returning to bed it went off again at 02:00. I was not happy!

On Friday I went to see “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”. An awesome and visually stunning film, with the 3hours 20 minutes length of the movie passing very quickly.

Yesterday I took Dave, who’s been in LA for a week, on a whistle-stop tour of downtown LA. Check out the photos plus also pics of my apartment by clicking here.

One final word of thanks goes to the New England Patriots, my favourite American Football team who have just won their 2nd Superbowl in three seasons. I would just like to say that I had a £5 bet on Deion Branch to score the first touchdown and the Patriots to win by between 1-6 points. After Deion scored the first touchdown the Pats had me on the edge of my seat until they made the winning field goal with 4 seconds remaining. Thanks to that I won £175. Very nice! (Just don’t ask about the tenner I lost on Sheffield United yesterday!!)

Until the next update, take care and goodbye.