Los Angeles – week 13

Hello everyone, well the last two weeks since my return back to LA have been very busy work-wise. After three months of developing new processes these are now being implemented, and what’s even better is that they’re beginning to make a difference. Even the customer admits that things are getting better, so we must be doing something right!

Last week I managed to catch a movie, The Company starring Neve Campbell. Although a drama, it’s shot like a documentary about life in the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago. If you like ballet you’ll love the movie, if you don’t like ballet you probably won’t. Me, I like Neve Campbell 🙂

Yesterday I went to Santa Monica, a walk around the shops, then down onto the beach and pier taking photographs of the sunset. I hope you like the photos. Meanwhile, the last few days Andrew has been off playing golf before his return to the UK on Thursday. I’ve included some photos of the courses he’s been playing. Click here to see the pics.

One bizarre experience to tell you about at Santa Monica on Saturday. A young girl was skating along the path wearing a Tottenham away shirt. Most strange I thought. Then about half an hour later, a couple were jogging along the beach and the chap was wearing a Tottenham away shirt. Most bizarre!!

Until the next update, take care and goodbye.