Los Angeles diary – blog

In early October 2003, I commenced a consultancy assignment for a client based to the south of Los Angeles.  I spent 6 months living in Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA.  Here you’ll find the blog I wrote during my time there, along with a selection of photographs. I hope you enjoy the read!

Week 1 Read about the flight to L.A., a visit to the House of Blues to see Shelby Lynne in concert, and a trip to Pala Casino to see LeAnn Rimes in concert.
Week 2 Read about the supermarket strike, Graham’s issues with his flight ticket, and getting Donna Summer’s autograph.
Week 3 Read about the new movie “Runaway Jury”, my attempt to buy a new digital camera, a gas leak, and the new movie “Under The Tuscan Sun”.
Week 4 Read about the wildfires, dining at Z’Tejas, seeing Susan Egan in concert and a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway.
Week 5 Read about working in Santa Ana, bonfire night, and playing golf at the PGA of Southern California Golf Club.
Week 6 Read about how work is going, missing some of the comforts of back home, and playing golf at Black Gold.
Week 7 Read about Arnold Schwarzenegger being inaugurated as Mayor of California, Michael Jackson being arrested and seeing Rita Coolidge in concert.
Week 8 Read about Thanksgiving Day, Tony Blair on “The Simpson’s” and a visit to San Diego.
Week 9 Read about me coming down with flu, seeing Freddie Ravel in concert in Beverly Hills and the lighting-up of Beverly Hills City Hall.