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Saudi Diary part01
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Saudi Diary part11
Logan's Run

Part01 - read about my first week of living and working in Saudi Arabia.

Part02 - read about a trip to the observation platform of the Kingdom Tower, fake DVDs, dust/sand storms, and the problems of life as a consultant when people don't attend your meetings.

Part03 - prepare yourself for the long story about our road trip to Bahrain and how we couldn't get past the Saudi border patrol, see some camels, the lovely ladies of the A-Chix Band, and my fascination with toilet bowls!!

Part04 - the final week before we return home. Read about the censorship of Kelly Rowland and the Mail On Sunday, a trip to the top of the Faisaliah Tower, and Krispy Kreme do-nuts.

Part05 - trips to the top of the Kingdom Tower and Faisaliah Tower, and close encounters with the Saudi security forces which mean we're now keeping a low profile.

Part06 - it's quite easy to keep a low profile when you're stuck in sand!

Part07 - I'm back for a 7-week stint and women dominate this update.  I've finally gotten to talk to one of them, although only about business-related matters, and I'm getting depressed about the scenes of homeless women.

Part08 - me and Tan become brothers, we get to sit in the vicinity of the opposite sex, and I get a birds-eye view of the aftermath of a car crash.

Part09 - we have a successful, yet uneventful, trip to Bahrain - albeit we do get 'Trapped In A Box'.  Plus the desert rains finally arrive in Riyadh.

Part10 - It's now March 2009 and I'm back for me. Find out about how 2008 ended, and then read about the worst sandstorm in 32 years and why a 75-year old woman has been sentenced to 40 lashes.

Part11 - My 4-week stint is almost over, so discover my Top 10 positives and negatives of living in Saudi Arabia, and read another 'Believe It or Not' story, this time about breastfeeding.



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